Cardboard Food Sleeves

When you think of box sleeves, you might immediately think of them as a cheaper alternative to printed packaging for sending orders to customers. However, they are also incredibly helpful as custom card sleeves for food packaging. Read on to find out all about cardboard food sleeves and how they can help your business…


Custom card sleeves

Custom card sleeves are just as they sound- card sleeves, that go round a box or product and that are fully customisable. You can design your one artwork for your custom card sleeves, or take advantage of our in-house designers who will be happy to take the job off your hands. Not only can you customise the design, you can also choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes – or get in touch to create your own bespoke shape!


Custom cardboard food sleeves

A popular use for box sleeves is for cardboard food sleeves. These can be created in a variety of ways:

  • As a full box sleeve for a boxed meal (e.g the sleeve you get around a microwave meal that can be removed before microwaving).
  • As a belly band around smaller items (e.g perhaps you have a salt and pepper shaker set – the belly band can hold them together).
  • As a wide band around kitchen items (e.g around tea towels).

Custom cardboard food sleeves are incredibly advantageous to your business. Firstly, they are cheaper to product and print than full packaging. Secondly, they are much more eco-friendly than plastic packaging. With more and more customers looking to purchase environmentally friendly products, this will only help your profits rise. Finally, they are easily customisable, so you can change your packaging depending on the season, event or holiday. Imagine a standard box of cup cakes that stay the same all year round. However, their box sleeves change to reflect Christmas, Valentines – even the FA cup! Wouldn’t they sell better than their blandly-packaged competitors?

And, if you’re concerned about the idea of a cardboard sleeve going in the freezer- fear not! Check out all the info here: Freezer-proof Box Sleeves.


Cosmetic box printing uk

And it’s not just food that benefits from the eco-friendly, cost-effective packaging. Shampoo and conditioner sets, bath bombs and a whole host of other cosmetic and beauty products also enjoy the benefits of a belly band or box sleeve! Get in touch with our friendly team today to see what these nifty devices can do for you!

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