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Looking for the perfect way to seal your printed sleeve or custom branded box? Or perhaps you’re just searching for a little bit of company branding to add to a plain piece of packaging? We can help! Take a look at our range of custom printed stickers and labels and pick the perfect shape, size and design for your company.

Sticker Printing Options

We offer stickers in the following shapes:

  • Circular stickers – circle stickers are popular for sealing cardboard sleeves and lightweight printed boxes. 
  • Rectangular stickers – rectangle stickers are often used to add company branding to a piece of plain packaging. 
  • Square stickers – square sticker designs are frequently used to seal product bags within packaging.
  • Custom stickers – create your own custom shaped sticker, perhaps in the likeness of your product?

Create your own branded artwork or let one of our professional designers take on the task for you! 

Pick your preferred size, colour printing and finishing options and your custom stickers will be ready to liven up any packaging! 

Label Printing Uses

Custom printed stickers and labels can be used on virtually any product, item, freebie or sample to ensure your branding remains front and centre.

Printed labels are also often used to seal your boxes, sleeves, trays and more – to add an extra branded touch to your custom packaging, whilst also providing a little more security. 

Your custom printed labels can include any design you wish. We can even print them with variable data printing so that you can add barcodes directly onto your packaging (concerned customers won’t be confident about what’s inside the sealed box? Use a cut out window to give them a peak!). Alternatively, opt for QR codes that send customers directly to your product range on your website – increase sales in one easy step!

Need some help with your custom printed stickers? Get in touch with our friendly team today! 



  • Square, Circular, Rectangular
  • Custom size


  • Printed in 4 colour CMYK throughout


  • Self adhesive paper


  • Kiss cut to shape and supplied on sheets or Die Cut into individual stickers
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