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Colour is important, the orientation of the hanging tag matters too.
Have a look at our swing tags and select the one that suits your needs best. If you need something different – let us know!

Paper Orientations

Paper orientation is the direction in which a document is displayed. Choose between landscape or portrait orientation. Create your personalised box sleeves just the way you want them: whether that be short-edge, or long-edge.

Choose from either single-sided or double-sided print for your box sleeves. Add instructions or additional information to the inside of your sleeves.


paper options single sided print portraitpaper options double sided print portraitpaper options single sided print landscapepaper options double sided print landscape

Printed Colour Options

Printed with high-quality UV inks, available printed in the following colour options:

  • 4 (full) colour CMYK
  • 5 colour (4 colour CMYK + 1 pantone colour)
  • 6 colour (4 colour CMYK + 2 pantone colours)
  • Pantone colours (up to 5)
  • Black throughout.

paper options black onlypaper options full colour cmykpaper options pantone colours

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