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Freezer-Proof Box Sleeves

So you’ve decided that a box sleeve is the best way to go for packaging your product: excellent choice! Cardboard sleeve packaging is aesthetically pleasing and saves on bulky plastic wrap! Box sleeve packaging is more eco-friendly than plastic sleeve packaging, and is easier to recycle.

Custom box sleeve uk orders have increased dramatically as cardboard sleeve packaging continue to rise in popularity. These nifty, space saving marketing solutions can also be reprinted with different designs depending on the time of year, festive occasion or current promotions, making them very cost-effective.

But perhaps you’re looking to create a line of food product box sleeves, and are worried about the various storage options. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!



Box sleeve standard material

Box sleeves are made out of 300gsm silk stock as standard. Silk is an effect produced by bonding powder to the top layer of the material in a lamination technique, providing a professional, clean finish with a touch of gloss, without being too shiny. We use this as our standard stock as it’s the same type of paper as business cards, so it immediately evokes a professional and trustworthy brand. This mild lamination is perfect for card sleeve packaging for food stored in a cupboard or fridge.

Other material options for cardboard sleeve packaging

If your company is eco-conscious and keen to demonstrate your ‘green’ ethos to your customers, you can choose from kraft paper (recycled and recyclable, with a natural unbleached brown hue) or recycled paper (fully recycled and bleached to the more traditional white colour). We also offer box board for sturdier sleeve packaging. These options are best for food products stored in a cupboard.

Card sleeve packaging lamination

If you want to make your box sleeve freezer-proof, we offer a range of optional lamination techniques. Lamination is a process where a material is bonded to the top layer of your product, using glue, heat or pressure.

We have various lamination options available, including matt (for an elegant finish), soft-touch (velvety feel), and gloss (glossy). All will render your product sturdier and more water resistant. As the most cost-effective, we’d recommend the gloss! This provides a glossy, shiny finish and will make your printed box sleeves more durable, waterproof and freezerproof!

Should you have any further questions regarding custom printed box sleeves box sleeve printing uk orders, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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