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Box Sleeve Finishing Options

On our homepage, you may have noticed a handy little table showing you all the possible box sleeve finishing options that we offer. But what do these mean? And which ones are right for you? We take a more detailed look at the various box sleeve finishing options on offer…

Box Sleeve Finishing Options - foiling

Extra design elements

When it comes to box sleeve finishing options, we have a few options for augmenting your existing design.

Firstly, foiling is a technique whereby coloured foil is securely bonded to your printed box sleeve. Use foiling sparingly to draw attention to the key elements of your design: for instance, you could use foil to highlight your product name, company branding, logo or contact details.This can also be used aesthetically for box sleeve decoration; use silver foiling for stars or multicoloured foiling to create eye-catching fireworks, for example!

Holographic foiling is a technique that works in very much the same way, but with a holographic foil that reflects the light and forms a rainbow prism effect. Holographic foiling is often used to authenticate products, such as tickets or bonds, but can be used to draw attention to your branding or to decorate your box sleeves.

Similarly  Spot UV is a luxury finishing technique which also draws the eye to crucial elements of your design. Spot UV uses a soft polymer coating to create a highly shiny, almost ‘wet’ look, which forces perspective and catches the eye.

Box sleeve finishing options: lamination

One of the most effective box sleeve finishing options available is lamination. This is because lamination not only offers extra aesthetic appeal, but also provides additional durability. Lamination refers to a technique where a thin layer of material is bonded securely to the outer layers of your custom printed box sleeve. This will increase durability and help to prevent rips, tears and crinkling.

Gloss lamination is one of the most popular box sleeve finishing options out there. That’s because the gloss lamination adds a ‘pop’ to your colour, creating the effect of a slightly higher colour contrast. This is ideal for any packaging aimed at children or for cosmetics, food, and many other products!

Matt lamination has the opposite effect to gloss lamination, but both are cost-effective. Matt creates a more subdued effect, resulting in an elegant finish. This is ideal for more high end products and for packaging aimed exclusively at adults.

Finally, soft-touch lamination is the cream of the crop! Soft-touch lamination is more expensive, but also much more effective. It provides a velvety, luxurious look and feel and as such is perfect for luxury products. Let your customers know there’s something special inside with a soft touch laminated box sleeve!

Should you need any assistance choosing the best finishing options for your box sleeves, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

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