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Box Sleeves For Cosmetics

Last month, we talked about the most common box sleeve use – food packaging. This month, we’d like to focus on something a little different: box sleeves for cosmetics. So read on to learn all about how your business can implement box sleeves for your cosmetics.


The most commonly seen use for box sleeves for cosmetics is for haircare. Rather than a full, rectangular sleeve, generally haircare products implement a belly band. This banded sleeve goes around a shampoo and conditioner set, keeping them together. Not only does this prevent the two complementary products from getting separated, it also provides an eco-friendly space to list information.

The belly bands are made from card, not plastic, so are fully recyclable. Furthermore, they are small, resulting in minimal packing. However, they are able to be printed with anything you like – ingredients, haircare instructions or indeed a QR code, taking your customer to a site to find more information, or your social links. Save on plastic and package your haircare sets like this!

Make up sleeves

With makeup products, as they are so small, sometimes it can be hard to list all the relevant ingredients or instructions on the products themselves. This is where a box sleeves for cosmetics come in. Take, for example, lipstick. This is so small, it can’t house a lot of info, and you don’t want to negatively impact your green ethos by packaging a tiny lipstick in a bunch of plastic or bulky packaging materials in order to include allergy warnings!

By creating a mini box sleeve to slip over the lipstick, you can list all the information you want. And, by having it joined with connective slips, the customer can be encouraged to unhook the sleeve and lay it out flat – effectively providing an eco-friendly, fully recyclable leaflet , with no need for extra packaging.

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Palette sleeves

Not all makeup comes as individual pieces! Eyeshadow and lip palettes are becoming more and more popular again. Add a belly band over the palettes to avoid lots of packaging – simply list the price, barcode and any allergen or ingredients info necessary, all on an eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing belly band!

Brush sets

A lot of makeup brush sets (and hair brush sets for that matter) come encased in plastic. It’s not necessary! Take a step in the green direction and hold your brushes together with an eco-friendly, recyclable belly band. The printed band can provide all the information your customers need about the product, whilst preventing a waste of plastic.

When it comes to packaging your cosmetics, why not choose the most eco-friendly and least bulky option? Cheaper than a full printed box, printed box sleeves for the comestics are the future!

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