box sleeve size guide

How To Calculate Sleeve Size For A Box

So you’ve decided to go for a box sleeve- great choice! Box sleeves dress up boring, generic packaging and are more cost-effective than choose fully printed boxes. They’re also much more versatile… want to include a promotion or seasonal design on your packaging? No problem! Simply slip on a new box sleeve!

But you’re probably wondering what size sleeve is best for your particular packaging? How to calculate sleeve size for a box? Will that effect the overall cost? Many questions! We’ve got you covered!


box sleeve size guide

What you need to calculate sleeve size for a box

First of all, it’s good to note that the cost of the box sleeve will be determined by the size of paper stock needed to print, not how many box sleeves. So three small, thin box sleeves might work out cheaper than one large, full coverage one!

First, you’ll need the exact dimensions of your packaging – so the heigh, depth and width of your box in millimetres.

You then need to measure the sleeve width in millimetres; this will follow the same line of measurement as the box width, but you’ll need to decide where your sleeve will end. Decide from one of the following options.

Full cover

Perhaps you want your box sleeve covering the entire width of your packaging? The advantage here is that you have more room to display your artwork, branded or information. However, having the entire width of the packaging covered will draw attention to the blank areas on either side, not covered by the box sleeve.

Belly band

Perhaps you had more of a belly band in mind? This is a thinner strip across the middle or side of your box; you often see this design in food packaging or luxury products. The advantage here is that you can include branded, ingredients and care instructions, but as it is thin, multiple bands can be created out of one sheet of paper stock – helping to keep costs down.

Half to 3/4 cover

This is the most popular box sleeve- covering the majority of the packaging, but still leaving some box width exposed.

Whatever you fancy, we can create it, so simply decide on your desired box sleeve width in millimetres.

Enter your dimensions into a box sleeve calculator

how to calculate sleeve size for a box

The next step is to enter your dimensions into our handy box sleeve calculator! This will provide you with your required sheet size and a virtual 3D model.

For example, a box with 100mm height, depth and width and a sleeve width of 20mm would require an A3 sheet size.

But why do I need to know my sheet size?

We charge by the sheet size- so knowing what size you need will allow to glean an accurate sense of pricing. Take a look at our sheet size costs for more information. Knowing the sheet size needed will also help you should you choose to design your own box sleeve artwork, as you’ll know what template size you need to use!

We hope you found our guide to box sleeve sizes helpful! Head over to our calculator for an easy sheet size assessment. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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