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What can I use a box sleeve for?

The modest box sleeve is an incredibly versatile device. With custom printed box sleeves, you can create any artwork you like: to promote your brand, showcase your offers, or simply to display a festive sleeves design. Sleeve packaging is becoming more and more popular, as it is cheaper, easier to store and more versatile than creating personalised packaging boxes.

But what would you use your custom packaging sleeves for? We’ve compiled some of our most popular cardboard sleeve orders below, to give you some inspiration!



Sleeve packing for food, drink & confectionary

Cardboard sleeve packaging is especially popular in the food and drink industry, replacing plastic sleeve packaging as a more eco-friendly alternative. Custom printed box sleeves allow for any design imaginable – so you could use the space to provide ingredients, allergen warnings or even recipes!

Popular products that benefit from sleeve packing are: ready meal containers, tubs, egg boxes, jars, plastic cake boxes, chocolate boxes, flapjack, brownie and other baked goods boxes and wine and spirit boxes.

Printed box sleeves for clothing

Box sleeve printing UK orders have soared in recent years, due to the ever-growing demand for businesses to produce less waste. Instead of plastic wrap, more and more clothing brands are opting for box sleeve packaging – it’s smaller, recyclable and yet still can provide material information, washing instructions and plenty of space for logos and branding. Silk, paper and carboard sleeve packaging are all now being utilised by the fashion industry to reduce their plastic waste.

Our most popular custom printed box sleeves are used for socks, t-shirts, pyjamas, dressing gowns, towels, aprons and even oven gloves! They’re also popular for various domestic items, like candles, playing cards and pen boxes. Box sleeves can be created with any branding you like – so your logo and brand message can be communicated clearly, at a cheaper rate and with less bulk than custom packaging boxes with logo images integrated onto the box itself.

Cardboard sleeves for cosmetics

A packaging sleeve acts as a great ‘band’ to keep cosmetic sets together – for example, shampoo and conditioner. More and more companies are choosing to use carboard ‘belly bands’ instead of plastic packaging to lower their environmental impact. Popular orders are include skincare and haircare products and soaps!

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